Fundamental Transformation of the USA?

They Succeeded In Damaging & Initiating The Dismantling Of The US Economy

But Have They Succeeded In Their Fundamental Transformation Of The USA?

The US economic recovery continues to suffer slow to shrinkage in its decline since the recession of 2008. Americans have been told for several years that the American economy is recovering. Americans trusted government. After all, we are Americans, and this is America, home of freedom and capitalism.

However, under the redistributionist, limiter of freedom, and bigger government programs of Obama, the potential US economic recovery will continue to falter.

Some Americans wonder why Obama’s programs are not producing economic growth and jobs. Other Americans understand why his programs are not producing economic growth and jobs.

The relevant fact is that to Obama and his administration’s operatives, the faltering US economic recovery indicates that their programs are working and will be totally successful. Success has a different definition for them than for most Americans.

In 2006, Bernardine Dohrn, the wife of domestic radical revolutionary Bill Ayers, lectured in arrogant confidence to a group at Northwestern University where she has taught in its law school for years. She stated that their goal is to take control of the nation and then work to “dismantle capitalism, that evil thing”.

The “we” that she was referring to are intellectually led by her husband, Bill Ayers, and financially led by the billionaire, George Soros.

The election of Obama brought both Ayers, Soros, union operatives, and other dedicated radical, anti-capitalists to power. They initiate and direct the Obama administration’s actions.

Now, after nearly eight years of their program’s implementation by the Obama administration, the Ayers-Soros regime is reaping results of its programs.

They used the USA as their laboratory. The Obama administration has been implementing their programs like chemicals in a test tube. The results are becoming clear. US economic faltering denotes — to the Ayers-Soros group — success of their theories.

For most Americans, those everyday fools who toil, watch sports, and refuse to think about where their freedom and prosperity came from, the US economy continues to fail. Good jobs are going to other nations. The American people do not understand why, but they are in a malaise — an unhappy dark shadow from which they perceive little hope of freeing themselves.

The Ayers-Soros group fails to understand that the faltering US economy while operating under their policies actually denotes the failure of their programs, not the failure of capitalism. The USA became the world’s largest, most innovative economy, and provided prosperity for more people than any other nation in history. Americans accomplished this feat using freedom and capitalism, not socialism, Marxism, or big government.

The US economy continues to falter because it has been forced to operate under the Ayers-Soros big government programs that follow Marxian economic principles along with socialist constrictions and controls on individuals and their work places. The Obama administration, directed by Ayers-Soros has as its objective, America’s economic dismantling. Its objective is control of people, industry, and all else through the use of big government.